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Wheat penny value chart - 141 results from brands August Steiner, US Mint, American Coin Treasures, products like 1931 S Lincoln Cent Wheat Penny High Grade, American.The last wheat ears Lincoln cent was struck in 1958, and while they are generally considered obsolete, billions were made.The wheat penny was an American coin designed by. would be the second to last year for the.If it sticks, it could be a steel penny (other tests would still need to be done to verify authenticity).The four little divots are post-mint but, my gosh, look at that woodgrain toning.A typical 1955 Lincoln cent, which is worth around 5 cents, can be sold at any coin dealer or on eBay.

However, it would be great to find a simple place to get the value of a penny. Well,. even among coins of the same year.It looks like your coin may have been plated with steel, zinc, or another metal in an attempt to replicate the novel appearance of the 1943 steel cent.This coin exhibits some very nice original color and is a piece that stands on its own exactly as it is.Was just wondering what they may be worth in their condition.It is also thicker than it should be and has a little barb on the outer rim.Would you please post a pic of your 1955 Lincoln cent here in the forums section for us to look at.Lincoln Wheat Cents represent the entire range of collecting from casual penny.

While there is a significant bit of damage to the coin due to the gouge, this piece is worth 10 to 15 cents.That is some type of machine damage, most likely from an automatic coin-counting machine.On this coin the last in the word trust has an imprint right to the left.Perhaps upon closer, in-person inspection, it may show to be a higher grade.

It sounds like somebody etched or stamped that star on themselves.If it does stick to the magnet than it is a steel penny that was coated with copper.And 2 steel pennies, a 1979 Walking Liberty, 1921 Morgan Dollar and a 1903 Indian Head.All told, your coins are worth a total of around 20 to 30 cents, but are definitely worth hanging onto as they are becoming much scarcer in circulation.Yes, the porosity cuts into the value of the coin, but the more important thing about it is the grade, which is on the better end of preservation.

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If it weighs 3.11 grams, it was contaminated or plated with another metal (zinc, possibly).Is there an easy way to tell which were made from the traditional bronze, and which were technically brass (when the Mint apparently began removing almost all the tin to help with the war effort).

Each of your 1944 Lincoln cents are worth 3 to 5 cents, assuming they are in typical worn condition.I was also wondering if you could point me in the direction of some US coin sales I am looking specifically for a 20 cent piece and a half dime. then I will have at least 1 of every coin value made in the US.Assuming they show average amounts of wear for their ages and are not cleaned or otherwise damaged, the 1913 Lincoln cent is worth about 50 cents and the 1943 has a value of around 15 to 20 cents.The brown could have been caused by a number of chemical interactions, including submersion, exposure to fumes, or exposure to heat.If your 1919 Lincoln cent has no mintmark, then it is a Philadelphia-minted cent.If you have a number of pennies hidden away in your collection, you may be presented with a desire to figure out which ones you should keep, and which ones are simply taking up space.

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This talented group of individuals researches information, designs our content strategy and writes many of our articles for all categories.I have one but cant remember the date, though I want to say it was a 1858.Just curious, I belive u know what ur talking about, its just odd.The first pic is of the obverse showing the missing D mint mark.Question re the 1942 Lincoln pennies (i.e. NOT the 1943 steel ones).With the exception of the 1922 cent and a few others (mainly proof collector varieties), any Lincoln cent without a mintmark was made at the Philadelphia mint, as this one was.A typical 1951 Lincoln cent with an average amount of wear is worth 3 to 5 cents.A copper-nickel clad dime usually weighs 2.24 grams, so if it weighs significantly less, it may not have its nickel outer layer.

I have a 1951 s penny and it has a 9 over a 9, think it would be worth anything.Both are copper in color, however the 1940 penny has a reddish-brown coloring which I can best describe it as burnt red.As I recall, nickels of all dates were pretty readily available in pocket change going back to the 1940s and 1950s.Keep Your Pretty Pennies in Coin Albums Made Just for Lincoln Cents.

I made the mistake of cleaning them with water and Lime Away.I have a key date, 1909-S Lincoln Cent in AU grading but is holed.Thats how i test all my steelies but sorry i am unsure how to test between copper and bronze.There is a 1909 penny in a cardboard like protective case with plastic of the coin making it viewable.Compare prices and shopping results for Penny Values by Year Chart from mySimon.com. mySimon.com has the best deals and lowest prices on Penny Values by Year Chart.All of the Lincoln wheat cents are worth around 5 cents each except for the 1918-D, which is worth closer to 10 or 15 cents in that grade.Because cleaning coins actually damages their surfaces, the value is now 3 cents each.If so should have it verified and would it be worth more if I did that.While both of your Lincoln cents are worth 10 to 20 cents, they are still worth hanging onto.

Before they were cleaned they were probably worth 5 to 10 cents.The zinc core within the Lincoln cent was exposed through what appears to be rubbing against a very harsh surface.Going beyond their copper value these Wheat cents are great for coin collecting.However, I do see what appears to be nice flow lines around the lettering and other devices, which suggests the surface has not been cleaned.I am in shock as to how long this coin had to be endured like that underground but the details are still sharp.Absolutely, Dave — There are a few key things to look for when determining a copper versus zinc versus steel cent.

For info on other coins worth more than face value, please check out this page.I say that this penny is around high-end EF to possibly AU or better.Every part of the penny has the same imprint in reverse over it.

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It seems like it may have been printed on the wrong plate. the head side has a big lip and the tail side has no lip at all and there is almost like a seem running along the outside of the tail side.